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Zipmex Bounty and Referral Programs start today!

March 18 2019

Zipmex 1st Ever Bounty Campaign with ETH rewards await! Complete simple tasks and get ETH rewards, limited to the first 500 participants. Steps to participate: Create a KYC-Registered account on Zipmex Create an account on

EOS, XRP and LTC get listed on Zipmex!

March 13 2019

Zipmex’s trading board grows further with addition of fiat pairings for LTC, XRP, and EOS 13 March 2019 – Zipmex, a Singapore-based fiat-to-digital assets exchange is pleased to announce the further expansion of its trading board

Zipmex KYC guide – Level 1 to 3

March 12 2019

Once you have logged in, click on ‘User Settings’ at the top of the page. On the left menu, click on ‘Verification Level’. You will now be able to see your current level of verification.

Zipmex Official Social Media Channels

March 12 2019

Dear Zipmex Community, Due to the high influx of unofficial and fake accounts, we would like to list down all our official social media channels shown below to prevent our followers and community in falling

Zipmex 1st Ever Trading Competition

March 07 2019

Zipmex 1st ever trading campaign with BTC to be won! Trade and get rewarded, limited to first 50 participants Steps to participate: Create a KYC-registered Zipmex account Do your first trade and get 3 USD

What Are Security Token Offerings?

March 06 2019

Understanding the newest wave in the digital assets world. Security Token Offerings (STOs) We’ve heard of ICOs, and now there’s a new up-and-coming model for crowd sales — Security Token Offerings. This latest fundraising model offers security tokens

Zipmex Will Support the Upcoming Ethereum Constantinople/St. Petersburg Upgrade

February 28 2019

Please leave sufficient time for deposits to be processed in full prior to the block height shown below.

Zipmex Fiat Deposit Procedure – Fiat available on Zipmex : USD, SGD, IDR

February 11 2019

No deposit fees on Exchange! Current Fiat Deposit available on Zipmex are: USD, SGD and IDR Now that you’ve created your brand new Zipmex account, it’s time to load up with some funds. Because Zipmex

How to Buy and Sell on Zipmex

February 11 2019

The Zipmex exchange is elegant and intuitive, so you can make purchases in just two simple steps.

Fiat Deposit Procedure

February 11 2019

Now that you’ve created your brand new Zipmex account, it’s time to load up with some funds. Because Zipmex is a fiat-digital assets exchange, you can purchase digital assets with fiat.