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Introduction to investing 101

July 14 2020

What the pandemic taught us, was how important it is to be financially responsible and financially savvy. Investing has consistently been a way to accumulate wealth and achieve more financial freedom. But it’s not an easy path to start. Why? Barrier to entry to financial investment is high. Why? Financial products and markets are complex,…

A Walkthrough Guide of Digital Assets Trading – Zipmex

June 29 2020

A full guide explaining trading terms like Market Orders, Limit orders, Bid, Ask, and all the terminology you will need to know for digital assets trading.

What is a public / private key?

April 10 2020

When you first start trading digital assets, you may hear the terms public and private keys. These are codes you use to access your account. The keys are digital assets graphically hidden, which means they undergo encryption to make them secret. For the code to be reread, it requires decryption. Public Keys A public key…

What Is Arbitrage? – an Easy to Understand Guide for Traders

March 20 2020

What is Arbitrage? Learn about types of Arbitrage, including Simple & Triangular Arbitrage. Make profit with arbitrage, especially in digital assets trading.

What is Libra?

March 16 2020

If you have been in the digital assets industry for a while, you probably have heard of Libra. But isn’t it kinda tricky when you need to explain this stuff to your family? So let’s see how to explain Libra…

What is hardfork? How is it beneficial to you?

February 26 2020

Each blockchain has a protocol which is made up of code to define the connection, the mining and transaction rules. To be part of the blockchain network, everyone using it must comply with…

What is STO? – Is it legal? Differences between STO vs ICO

February 25 2020

You are in the right place if you want to find out what STO is. Let’s see how STO works and how it is different from ICO.

What are the basics one should know before trading?

February 24 2020

First and foremost, keep logins to your Zipmex account safe. Please don’t share them with anyone, not even our customer support team. Once you are in your Zipmex account turn on two-step …

What is Cryptocurrency? – Digital Asset Explained

February 19 2020

What is cryptocurrency? | Cryptocurrency is a form of financial products and a subset of digital assets. The most popular one is Bitcoin. More about crypto here.

What is a stable coin?

February 14 2020

Stable coins are stable price digital assets. These coins are pegged against reserved assets like the USD, another digital assets or exchange-traded commodities such as gold…