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Fiat Deposit Procedure

Fiat Deposit Procedure

11 February 2019 admin Announcements

Now that you’ve created your brand new Zipmex account, it’s time to load up with some funds. Because Zipmex is a fiat-digital assets exchange, you can purchase digital assets with fiat. Before you can do this, you must first have funds in Zipmex account. You can deposit fiat in just two simple steps.

Step 1: Log Into Zipmex

Log into Zipmex and you will be brought to the main page. Click on Wallets on the top of the page.

Step 2: Deposit Money

Find the USD United States Dollar and click the deposit icon.

Follow the Deposit instructions and fill in the necessary fields, including your full name, amount that you wish to deposit, and any other comments. Once you are done, click Place Deposit Ticket.

Once you have confirmed your deposit amount, wire the exact amount stated from your bank account to the account given. Depending on the bank you are using, it may take a few working days for the amount to be deposited into your Zipmex account. Once you have received your funds, you can start buying your digital asset on Zipmex.

Bonus! Transferring Digital Assets to your Zipmex Account

If you possess digital assets in your existing account(s), you can also transfer them to your new Zipmex account. In fact, anyone can transfer digital assets to your account, as long as they have your deposit address. To locate your deposit address, click Wallets on the top of the Zipmex page. From the list of assets, locate the digital assets that you wish to receive, and click the right most icon.

This will bring you to this page:

A QR image of your deposit address is available, as well as the deposit address itself. You can copy this address to send your digital assets over to your Zipmex account. Once the system confirms your transaction, the digital assets will appear in your account. Do note that due to large transaction volumes, confirmation of transactions may take the Zipmex network up to an hour.