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Zipmex 1st Ever Trading Competition

Zipmex 1st Ever Trading Competition

07 March 2019 admin Announcements

Zipmex 1st ever trading campaign with BTC to be won!

Trade and get rewarded, limited to first 50 participants

Steps to participate:

  1. Create a KYC-registered Zipmex account
  2. Do your first trade and get 3 USD worth of BTC
  3. Do your second trade and get 7 USD worth of BTC earned

Term and conditions:

  • Using bots for sign-up will be disqualified.
  • Limited to only 1 account per user to participate in bounty campaign.
  • Rewards will be distributed to your Zipmex account within 7 working days after the campaign ends
  • You will be deemed ineligible for this campaign if suspicious registration or deposit activities are detected. Zipmex will take the following actions, including but not limited to, disqualifying one’s eligibility to participate in this campaign, withdrawing one’s rewards earned, imposing restrictions on or termination of his/her account. We may take legal action if serious events are detected. Zipmex reserves the right of final interpretation for this campaign. Zipmex reserves the right to immediately terminate your participation in this campaign at any given time.